Lanzarote Sport Fishing


We are a company exclusively dedicated toSport Fishing, and enjoy of the beaches and coasts of Lanzarote.

Our boats and experienced professionals are winners of several fishing sports trophies in the island.

Sport Fishing is one of the most famous sports among an audience seeking for adrenaline and action on the sea. You have probably seen it on TV or in real-life, and what’s incredible about it, is it ideology to only catch the fishes to release them after their evaluation.

This sport gives awareness about how dangerous can be some sorts of fishing techniques, and helps by reducing the impact in the ocean’s biodiversity.
Sport Fishing is an official sport promoted by reliable institutions. You can practice this sport alone, in couples or either on seas, oceans, rivers, and lakes.

What is fascinating about this sport is just the usage of rods and reels, nothing more than just the traditional.
The Sport Fishing is a competitive sport in which you can expect white, blue and black marlins weighing hundreds of kilos or even tunes that can have the size of a human. To practice, this beautiful sport is needed just one thing; an ocean full of life.



Departures every day from 9:30 to 14:00 h. Maximum: 7 fishermen.

Lanzarote Sport Fishing. Trolling tall, coastal and bottom fishing with live or natural baits.

Species:Depending on the season; Blue and White Marlin, Golden fish, Wahoo, Tuna Amberjack, Sea Bream, among others.

This tour starts at 09:30, departing from Puerto Calero, using the technique of trolling tall to catch seasonal species. We will do this technique until we get to the bottom fishing point, where will drop the anchor and will fish for an hour and a half.

75€ Fisherman

50€ Viewer



In our private charter we will leave Puerto Calero making high fishing techniques, reaching 1,000 meters deep where we can see dolphins and whales and capture seasonal species. Here, our customers will receive personalized attention by our crew, who will serve them a freshly prepared meal to their taste. The duration may be from 4.5 hours and extended from hour to hour, all depending on customer choice.

200€ Special Marlin Per Person

500€ for 4 hours and a half. 100 € Extra Time.



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Why is the Lanzarote Island an Ideal Place to Sport Fishing?

We are a company exclusively dedicated toSport Fishing, and enjoy of the beaches and coasts of Lanzarote.

Our boats and experienced professionals are winners of several fishing sports trophies in the island.

Bearing in mind the only requisite to do a proper sport fishing, which is an ocean full of life, Lanzarote is one of the most consistent places for this sport. This is part of the Canary Islands and on its Atlantic sea, you can expect finding marlins, huge tunes, and others.

The biodiversity of the Atlantic sea cannot be just underestimated because it’s one of the best seas in the world for the sport fishing.

In Lanzarote Island, you can easily find a reliable company offering you full package concerning sport fishing. Charters and boats are equipped with top-notch equipment and accompanied by professionals in the field to ensure your safety and a complete satisfaction.


A team with wide experience

Nelson Venegas Garrido
– Belduca’s Boss –

A passionate boss with a great charisma

I began fishing 29 years ago on the Gran Canaria Island; I have won many fishing tournaments, like Puerto Mogan, Gran Canaria.

My experiences over the years in fishing have been amazing, as the championship of Puerto Calero, Lanzarote. We won it with a 375 kg Marlin.

Tuna first prize in Gran Tarajal, Fuerteventura, was a Rabil of 88 kg. My record so far has been a Marlin 575 kg.
Fishing has become my passion and profession, that’s why I love people can live this experience. We wait for you to enjoy this adventure of sport fishing in any of the four boats our fleet owns.

In my memories I keep the catching of a Blue Marlin of 420 kg, a 375 kg Bluefin Tuna, a Medregal of 65 kg and 49 kg Wahoo, among others. I work on fishing boats from the last 15 years.


Since 1998 I am a member of the Fishing Club La Graciosa. In 2003, I settled in Lanzarote and since then I have worked on fishing charters in Puerto Calero.
I am a representative of the I.G.F.A. who has beaten 7 World Record.


Since I can remember, I have lived near the sea. At first, I did it as a hobby; but today is my profession. I have touched almost all the arts, and I have captured specimens, only in the Canaries, we can find.




08:00 ~ 22.00


+34 626502733

GPS – Coordenadas

Lt: 28.916565 | Lg -13.704406

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Calle Isla Lobos, 35571 Puerto Calero, Lanzarote, España
C.P: 35571